kilograms of waste diverted since 2019.

At Convertus, we offer more than just municipal and commercial organic waste management processing.

  • We partner with communities to divert green/organic waste from landfill, and use advanced technology and engineering to convert it into new resources.
  • We work with businesses, municipalities and city officials to design, build, operate and service sustainable organic waste treatment facilities.

Convertus: We Give Resources New Life

At our state-of-the-art facilities, household and commercial organic waste can be converted into biogas to fuel transport, fertilizer and compost that feeds growing businesses, parks, farmland and gardens.

Recycling organic waste means less use of landfills, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and a sustainable way to preserve finite natural resources for future generations.

What We Do

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Design + Build

Advanced technology and specialized engineering come together to create cutting edge organic waste treatment facilities for your community.

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Some of North America’s largest municipalities and commercial businesses convert their organic waste in a Convertus-operated facility.

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We provide expert support for all our organic waste management solutions, to maximize outputs and minimize expenditures.

Why Work With Convertus

Closing The Loop

Build a sustainable future for your community by conserving and recycling your natural resources.

  • Re-use natural nutrients
  • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Generate more renewable energy
  • Increase waste throughput and treatment
  • Reduce odour emissions
  • Lower your plant’s energy consumption
  • In-depth staff training for optimum installation efficiency

Lower your energy
consumption up to


Giving resources new life across the globe.

Our union with Waste Treatment Technologies (WTT) gives us a strong advantage. Convertus is one of the most renowned and most experienced suppliers of high-tech waste solutions worldwide.


Building a Better Future

Want to help build a more sustainable future? Learn more about our smart technologies and processes that convert organic waste into renewable energy and high-grade compost or fertilizer used for crop production.

Check out our innovative waste management technologies:

Organic Waste Management Education

We want the world to know about the importance of waste reduction and sustainable living. We want to help schools, municipalities and individuals learn about the science behind organic waste treatments including composting, anaerobic digestion and renewable energy.

Our team offers interesting tours and informative insightful visits for:

  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Waste management students and professionals
  • Municipal waste management teams and researchers
  • Local community groups
  • The general public (specific open days only)

Organic Waste Management Facilities in North America

Every year, we process more than 580,000 tonnes of organic waste across North America. Discover our organic waste treatment facilities, see what materials are accepted and even book a tour for your school or community group!

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