Composting and Biodrying
by Convertus

As any gardener will tell you, composting is an efficient and natural process to turn food waste into a valuable fertilizer.

As Canada’s largest and most advanced organic waste processor, we specialize in the composting of organic waste. Our advanced composting technology takes the process to new heights by converting municipal and business organic waste into high-grade agricultural compost, fertilizer and/or refuse-derived fuels.

Our robust in-tunnel and forced air systems ensure maximum process efficiency and minimal emissions within one facility, for an effective closed loop solution that recycles and reuses natural resources.



Recover Valuable


Reduce the
Need to Water


Composting Made Easy

The Convertus in-vessel composting process is individually controlled in order to provide each batch with a tailor-made treatment. This fully automated composting process allows the operator to set process parameters to adapt to different waste categories and seasonal influences.

Our modular construction and versatile control software allow the facility to treat organic waste optimally in less time. This process decreases costs and increases throughput — maximizing processing efficiency while keeping environmental conditions under strict control.

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We take organic waste and convert it into compost for local farmers and agricultural applications.

Our technology is able to separate out plastics, contaminants and heavy solids from organic waste — leaving only nutritious fertilizer.

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Organic waste is trucked into the facility.


Upon arrival a shredder tears open the bags to access organics and reduce the size so it can be processed more efficiently. The material is then combined with recirculated organics.


The mix is spread across composting tunnels. Forced air kickstarts the biological decomposition process and high temperatures kill harmful bacteria.


Next, the compost mix is processed through a screening line to remove plastics, glass and heavy solids.


After maturation, the compost is tested by a third-party lab before it’s sold as fertilizer for nearby agricultural crops.

All air used in the process passes through an odour abatement system including an ammonia scrubber, biofilter system and bio-scrubber. Clean air and water vapour evaporate from the stack.

Energy-efficient Biodrying

Organic waste is naturally wet, and needs to be dried out to remove surface water and reduce its weight. In the early stages of composting, aerobic degradation of waste naturally produces heat that starts the drying process. By harnessing this natural heat source and rapidly heating organic waste at the start of the composting process, Convertus uses up to 50% less energy, compared to conventional gas heated systems.

The Convertus Composting Control System

Every Convertus designed facility includes a sophisticated control system that monitors and maintains optimum composting conditions within pre-set parameters. Simple to operate and with data driven reporting options, controlling compost has never been so straightforward.

  • High quality and reliable system
  • User friendly
  • Fully automated with seasonal recipes
  • Detailed trending of all variables
  • Setpoints to fine-tune process variables
  • Energy efficiency management
  • Batch tracking and reporting to prove permit compliance
  • Remote monitoring for 24/7 support from our engineers
  • Monthly process reports to stay on top of your performance

Feed Your Own Soil

After the composting process, your compost is refined to produce a high quality, effective and commercially valuable product for horticulture, agricultural and domestic use.

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Compost is the single most
important ingredient for a
healthy and productive soil:

  • Provides essential organic matter for healthy soil and plant vitality
  • Aids nutrient retention and reduces fertilizer cost
  • Enhances soil structure and decreases erosion
  • Aids water retention for better drought resilience
  • Naturally suppresses plant diseases

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