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Meet the team: Felicia Crozier

February 22, 2023

Meet the people that are at the heart of our success.

What do you do for Convertus Group?
I am the Process Leader at the Surrey Biofuel Facility. I am responsible for managing the process team, which includes our lab team, our co-ops students, our process EITs and our loader operators. I am also responsible for ensuring the process is efficient and effective.

A typical workday starts by checking in with the process team and SCADA to ensure things are running smoothly and helping troubleshoot any issues. I will spend some time coordinating with the different teams to plan maintenance, projects and methods for process optimization. I also spend a lot of time on management tasks and relaying information about the site and process needs.

My background
I have a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical and Biological Engineering. During my schooling, I spent some time working in a research lab and working at the Surrey Biofuel Facility. I started working for Convertus Group upon my graduation from the University of British Columbia in 2019.

Choosing Convertus
I grew up spending a lot of time in nature and became very passionate about sustainability. When researching companies during my schooling I was very excited to find Convertus as its values aligned extremely well with my own.

Memorable work experience
One of the most memorable experiences so far is the recent project of cleaning our 2000 m3 fermentation tank. I am extremely proud of how smoothly the whole team adjusted operations to allow for an efficient preparation, project execution in the middle of peak season, and ramp up/stabilization of the biology.

Life outside work
I have a passion for the ocean, so I love to spend time on the water fishing all times of the year and swimming in the warmer months. I also enjoy hiking in British Columbia’s beautiful, lush forests. During rainy days I like to play video games and spend time at the gym.

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