Convertus Nanaimo Advanced Composting Facility

The Nanaimo facility uses four in-vessel composting tunnels, air humidification and biofilter capacity for odour abatement. This state-of-the-art composting technology allows the facility to efficiently handle a wide range of organic waste materials, while simultaneously enhancing the quality of compost produced. The facility’s odour abatement system is designed to ensure odours are mitigated and that neighbouring communities experience minimal disruptions. The plant will have a future capacity of over 40,000 tonnes per year with the ability to process food, leaf and yard, co-mingled and fish waste.

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Community Hotline: 1-888-996-4559

If you have any questions about our facility, or wish to report any suspected odour issues, please call our Community Hotline.


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Acceptable Materials for Recycling

Click for a pdf of Nanaimo’s Acceptable Materials for Recycling and Composting