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Achieve the best possible outcome for your municipal and commercial organic materials.

Our organic waste management facilities combine multiple techniques to convert your source-separated organic material into reusable resources. By partnering with Convertus, your municipality can close the loop and lower your carbon footprint by:

Our waste management facilities are designed from the ground up to meet your specific community and municipal requirements.

Our plants are designed to operate 24/7 and can be controlled via cellular service through our SCADA and PLC system. This ensures optimal uptime, as the system automatically notifies our vigilant plant staff if anything is out of sync.

Why Partner With Convertus

Closing The Loop

As your partner in providing efficient and effective waste management facilities for your city, municipality or county, Convertus is with you for the long-term. Our team has the experience, expertise and commitment to offer long-term management of your facility too, offering substantial benefits over self-management including:

  • 24/7 monitoring and site
  • Expert knowledge of the workings and technology at each plant
  • Valuable and sustainable biogas, compost and fertilizer for use or sale
  • Long term contracts / partnerships for mutual success

In addition, our team can work with you to promote to your community the benefits of effective organic waste management, including:

  • Reduced carbon footprint for green waste services
  • Lowered greenhouse gas emissions
  • Closed loop household organic waste management system
  • Cost effective solution with limited environmental impact
  • Sustainable solutions for municipal organic waste for future generations
  • Compost for their gardens!

Releasing the Value of Organic Waste


Turning organic waste into energy.

We tap into the renewable energy potential of everyday organic waste materials over just a matter of weeks. Some of our plants have the ability to convert organic waste into RNG that your municipality or authority can use to fuel your waste collection fleets and heat buildings, closing the loop for a sustainable future.

Compost fertilizer

Compost and Fertilizer

Giving organic waste new life.

We take organic waste and convert it into compost and fertilizer for local farmers and agricultural applications. Our technology is able to separate out plastics, contaminants and heavy solids from organic waste — leaving only nutritious compost and agricultural fertilizer.

Minimizing Odour Impact

All air used in our waste management process passes through an odour abatement system. This includes an ammonia scrubber, biofilter system and bio-scrubber. Only air and water vapour evaporate from the stack.

Our Organic Waste Treatment
Centres in North America

We’re proud to have built four waste treatment plants across North America:

London Ontario


Ottawa Ontario location


Surrey location

British Columbia

Nanaimo location

British Columbia

Envirem Organics

Envirem Organics
Canada and US

Ontario (2027)



At each site we are committed to operating efficiently and lowering our carbon footprint, giving organic waste new life.

Building a Better Future

Let’s build a sustainable future for our children together.
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