How We Close The Loop

Convertus is a full-service provider for the treatment and recycling of organic waste. Our waste treatment facilities convert municipal and commercial organic waste into valuable commercial and community resources, including biogas and high-grade compost.

As the largest and most advanced organic waste processor in Canada, we work with municipalities and larger businesses looking for a “closed loop” solution for organic waste management. Utilizing our years of experience in the waste treatment industry, Convertus can supply and manage the entire project from design to build to financing, operations and facility maintenance.

When you partner with Convertus, you access the quality, creativity and technological expertise to:

  • Create cutting-edge, optimal technological solutions
  • Maintain consistent uptime
  • Achieve a “closed loop” solution that literally fuels itself
  • Have a long-term plan, tailor-made to your specific needs now and in the future


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Why We Offer Closed Loop Waste Management Solutions

Because we care. Because we can. Our ‘closed loop’ business model is one-of-a-kind, aimed to inspire and empower communities to give their resources new life. Closing the loop is about building a sustainable future for all our children through innovative waste management and treatment facilities, and a passion for conserving and recycling precious natural resources.

Convertus Group – Closing the Loop for a Better Future™

Our Core Values

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We care about our planet and improving our home. We care about our employees and providing them with a safe, healthy, fun workplace that enables them to expand their horizons. We provide the best experience for our customers and maximizing our relationship with our shareholders.

One Team

We are stronger when we work together.  We are open and listen to diverse opinions and ideas. We assume positive intent and know the belief in our purpose is our driving force.


Creative solutions to improve efficiency of our process. Challenging our own thinking to ensure continual improvement in our processes and ourselves. Think outside of the box.

Our History

Convertus was created in 2019 by the merger of Renewi Canada and Waste Treatment Technologies (“WTT”) North America. In 2022, Envirem Organics joined the Convertus Group, making us the largest processor of organic waste in Canada. The merger created a dynamic business ideally positioned to be a part of the emerging circular economy. By closing the loop, we aim to keep resources in use for as long as possible through recycling and recovery.

At Convertus, we can provide you with a complete solution for all of your organic waste treatment and recycling needs.

How we got to where we are today



Maple Dreams: Building the Future in York and Mauricie

Beginning the year on a high note, Convertus secured a 20-year contract to process curbside green bin waste for one of Canada’s fastest-growing municipalities, the Region of York. To fulfill this contract, Convertus will be building a biofuel facility that will convert organic waste into fertilizer and renewable natural gas by March 2027.


In addition to this milestone, Convertus was awarded a 25-year operating contract for a new organic waste facility that will be built in Saint-Étienne-des-Grès, Quebec.


These notable achievements into the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and vibrant Quebec market, signify a momentous expansion of our operations.



From Coast to Coast

In 2022, Envirem Organics, an environmental company that focuses on organic bio-products like mulches, soils and fertilizers joined the Convertus Group. This strategic partnership allowed us to broaden our reach across the country and establish ourselves as the largest processor of organic waste in Canada.



A New Name: Convertus

Soon after being acquired by Convent Capital, Renewi Canada and WTT merged to form Convertus. Together, our history has been a story of opportunity resiliency, and adapting time-and-time-again to technological change and customer demand.



Expanding Operations

Building on our global presence, our group opened offices in China, Australia and Canada, completing their first projects in these regions.

Driven by the needs of the market and our expertise, this was also the year our group acquired their first composting facility in Canada in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

During this time, WTT and Renewi continued to build their relationship through the retrofitting of the Ottawa facility and upgrading the facility’s odour abatement system and organic waste capacity.



A Year of Change

In 2017, the Shanks Group, Orgaworld’s parent company, merged with Van Gansewinkel Group to become Renewi plc. Shortly thereafter, Orgaworld Canada re-branded as Renewi Canada.

Later that year, WTT and Renewi Canada worked together to finalize construction on North America’s first closed-loop organic waste facility for the City of Surrey, British Columbia. The facility marked a major milestone for the waste industry, part of a growing need to move towards a sustainable future for all.



Building for the Future

For the first time, Orgaworld and WTT worked together on a Canadian Public Private Partnership (P3) project. This important project was to Design, Build and Operate (DBO) an organic waste facility for the City of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. After months of collaboration and hard work, the teams were awarded the contract in 2015.



Old Traditions, New Opportunities

WTT was acquired by Convent Capital, a long-term Dutch investor that focuses on buying and improving sustainable businesses. This enable WTT to further strengthen their position in the industry. Over the next few years, the teams worked together to refocus WTT’s strategy on services, operational excellence and project sales.



New Technologies

WTT secured a major contract for a mechanical biological treatment (MBT) facility in London, England.



Canada’s Capital

The City of Ottawa in Canada became the location of a second Canadian composting facility for Orgaworld, with the capacity to serve the nation’s capital city.




Orgaworld’s trailblazing organic waste composting facility Canadian facility became operational in London, Ontario.



New Ideas and Directions

The development of anaerobic digestion opened a realm of possibilities for WTT. This led to various large contracts as a turnkey supplier of aerobic and anaerobic technologies.

In 2007, Orgaworld was acquired by Shanks Group. With over 100 locations worldwide and 75 years’ experience, the Shanks Group were amongst the top-level players worldwide in organic waste recycling.



Crossing the Pond

As a market leader in waste technology, Orgaworld’s reputation led to a 10-year contract for a source-separated organics composting facility located in London, Ontario. The facility took just two years to design, construct and become fully operational.



Growing and Facing Challenges

In 2004, WTT became an independent company through a management buyout, and took on exciting opportunities to demonstrate the quality of its services in the field of waste management.

Meanwhile, Orgaworld began construction on a bio-stabilization plant in Nijmegen in The Netherlands, and an anaerobic digestion plant in Groningen, Netherlands a year later.



Expansion and Innovation

The Millennium signalled a period of rapid expansion for Orgaworld. The company acquired three organic waste treatment plants in Europe, including two tunnel composting facilities and one wet anaerobic digestion facility.



A Strategic Partnership

WTT operated as a subcontractor in process engineering for Horstmann GmbH’s waste management and treatment projects. WTT established themselves as the contractor of choice for all Horstmann GmbH waste projects.




In 1996 the founders of Waste Treatment Technologies (WTT), Horstmann GmbH and NON B.V. shared one simple goal: to design, construct, build and maintain waste recovery and recycling projects around the world. Right from the start, Waste Treatment Technologies (WTT) was defined by their innovative designs and modern functionality in this emerging marketplace.

Meanwhile, Orgaworld, a Dutch waste processing company, was founded to construct an anaerobic digestion plant BIOCEL in Lelystad, The Netherlands.

Meet Our Team

Michael Leopold
Michael LeopoldCEO
As CEO, Michael oversees the strategic direction of the business enabling Convertus to be a market leader in organic waste treatment technologies. Michael has a proven global executive management track record, earning various senior management roles leading global organizations such as Lafarge and Siemens. In these positions Michael used his passion for building teams and facilitating change to achieve transformational results.

Cornelis Stelwagen
Cornelis StelwagenCTO
Cornelis serves as the Chief Technical Officer for the Convertus Group driving innovation through R&D, technological strategy and maintaining operational excellence across all facilities. Cornelis Joined WTT in February 2010 as a process engineer for anaerobic digestion systems, until he was promoted to Technical Director in 2013. Prior to this role, Cornelis was a process engineer at a Dutch company specializing in wetAD systems at a large dairy firm.

Jamie Jongsma
Jamie JongsmaCFO
Jamie joined Convertus in 2017 and leads the central support functions of the business including Finance, IT and Human Resources. Jamie started his career with Ernst & Young in the assurance practice where he led teams for clients in various industries. During this time he also earned his CPA, CA designation in the process. Since leaving Ernst & Young, Jamie has spent his time working for large multinationals like Applied Industrial Technologies LP.

Our World, Our Responsibility

Sustainability and environmental awareness are at the core of our business. Making these ecological goals a reality goes beyond the day-to-day activities at our organic waste treatment sites.

We continuously seek opportunities to support groups within our society who share our commitment including:

  • Municipalities
  • Businesses and corporations
  • Educational institutions
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Charities
  • Equity seeking groups
Community illustration
partnership group


Partnerships within the community that promote a healthy and sustainable environment are at the heart of our business. In addition, we also focus on community environmental awareness through learning and education that ranges from basic sciences to green technology.

With record talent shortages around the world, Convertus has taken the initiative to collaborate with local Universities and trade schools to hire and train new graduates in their field of study. We have also partnered with UBC and Western University on research projects that focus on optimizing our processes.

Partnerships such as these within the community that promote the environment and the reuse of resources are essential for the future. They result in better-educated citizens that are more likely to contribute towards a sustainable future. Through this, Convertus can achieve our vision to build a better future for future generations with effective organic waste management, recycling and greater sustainability.

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