Breaking New Ground: WTT’s India Entry & Trade Mission Triumph

October 31, 2023

Mobile Waste Plant and Nagpur facility

A Promising Start to Revolutionize Waste Management in India

Marking a significant achievement for both environmental sustainability and waste management in India, WTT, a subsidiary of Convertus Group, has embarked on an exciting new venture with the official groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Mobile Waste Plant and Nagpur facility. The momentous occasion was celebrated in the presence of local persons involved, together with WTT’s Sales Engineer, Casper van Bogglen. Casper took part in the festivities by planting a tree, symbolizing WTT’s pivotal role as the technology provider and ‘heart of the facility’.

Following the ceremony, a select group of 15 individuals had the opportunity to enjoy breakfast at the home of Mr. Nitin Gadkari, the Indian Minister of Infrastructure. Mr. Gadkari, who personally supports the project and is one of the project’s biggest sponsors, welcomed guests with warmth and enthusiasm. The gathering provided an opportunity for meaningful discussion about the project itself, as well as the broader context of waste management in India.

This event marked a fantastic start to WTT’s journey in India, positioning the company at the forefront of the country’s rapidly evolving waste management and circular economy initiatives.

Furthermore, WTT’s venture in India was further accentuated by a trade mission organized by the RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency), a Dutch government agency dedicated to facilitating and supporting Dutch businesses in expanding their international reach. This specific trade mission to India focused on waste management and circular waste solutions. As part of the mission, Casper, accompanied by license partner SusBDe and eight other Dutch companies, travelled to Mumbai and New Delhi two of India’s largest cities. Their itinerary also included participation in the IFAT India exhibition, a prominent platform for the waste management industry. The exhibition was a resounding success and underscored the pressing need for advanced waste management solutions in India.

Currently, India primarily relies on low-tech solutions and wet anerobic digestion (wetAD) for waste management. With the introduction of the Mobile Waste Plant and the Nagpur facility, the country is poised to take a big stride toward adopting modern, efficient, and sustainable waste management practices.

As WTT takes its first step into the Indian market, the company is well-positioned to introduce cutting-edge solutions that will play a pivotal role in shaping a cleaner and sustainable future for the nation.

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