Convertus Celebrates Earth Day

April 26, 2021

Convertus Employees cleaning up litter in their neighbourhoods

Convertus employees celebrated Earth Day in various ways this year, including cleaning up litter in the neighbourhoods around their facilities, virtual celebrations, going meat-free and planting native species at home. Employees all across Canada and Europe participated to raise environmental awareness and Restore Our Earth.

Maryna Kazak, from the Surrey Biofuel Facility has participated in Convertus Earth Day activities since she joined the Company in 2019. “Going out, cleaning the streets from garbage, and planting a seed for the future are some of the best yet simple activities everyone can do and enjoy. Besides that, it is a great team building exercise – and yes we had fun!” she said.

Earth Day looked a little different this year, as Convertus encouraged activities that were safe and in accordance with local public health recommendations. “Whatever you can do at home to support climate change, all makes a difference in the end” said Mike Leopold, CEO of Convertus Group.

Across the pond in the Netherlands, Convertus celebrated by picking up litter in a nearby park. “It was great to be outdoors, together with your colleagues and doing something useful as well. It became a sport to fill your bag quicker than the others! Unfortunately, it highlighted how much rubbish we still produce and throw away. If participating in Earth Day does one thing, it is a reminder that we only have one Earth and we’re all on it so we better take care of it” said Tjeerd van den Berg, Service Operations Manager.

Furthering its pledge to sustainability, Convertus has set 10 Environmental Stewardship targets to accomplish by 2023, which protect the natural environment through conservation and best practices to enhance social, economic and environmental sustainability.

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