Convertus Donates Trees to London Residents for a Greener Future

October 16, 2023

Tree Giveaway

Convertus Distributes 200 Fruit Trees to Local Community.

In a bid to promote sustainability and encourage green living, Convertus, sponsored it’s sixth annual Tree Giveaway on October 14th, 2023, at its head office location on Commissioners Road West in London, Ontario. This popular community event saw the distribution of 200 fruit trees to local residents, continuing a tradition that has thrived for years.

The event aimed to empower the local community to participate in the ongoing effort to plant one million trees in London. At the time of the Tree Giveaway, London had already made substantial progress toward its goal, with a total of 505,460 trees having been planted in various locations throughout the city.

Convertus has long been an advocate for environmental conservation and sustainability. Their business, which is dedicated to converting organic waste into valuable resources like compost and renewable natural gas is in line with their commitment to raising awareness about the importance of trees in offsetting carbon emissions, reducing pollution and creating a more sustainable future.

Residents had the opportunity to choose from 19 different varieties of trees including domestic fruits like apples, peaches, pears as well as some native fruit-producing trees including serviceberry and cranberry. The diverse selection of trees allowed residents to select a tree that best suited their backyard landscape and preference. Convertus staff and volunteers were on hand to offer residents advice on tree planting, care and maintenance, to ensure that each tree had the best possible chance to flourish in its new home.

Convertus’ CEO, Mike Leopold, shared his thoughts on the event, saying “Our annual Tree Giveaway is a small but meaningful way to give back to the community. Trees are essential to our planet’s health, and by providing fruit trees to our neighbors, we hope to make London even greener than it already is.”

The Tree Giveaway arranged through Reforest London is just one example of Convertus’ ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility. As they continue to work towards closing the loop towards a more sustainable future, they remain committed to promoting green practices and ensuring a healthier, more sustainable environment for all.

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