Convertus sponsors GreenKit Program for Youth

June 3, 2021

Greenhouse Academy’s GreenKit

Convertus is a proud sponsor of Greenhouse Academy’s GreenKit Program for Youth, which promotes the environment and introduces students to careers in green industries.

Greenhouse Academy (GHA) was founded in 2016 in an effort to add value to youth education, the community and the environment. They provide opportunities to students that can enrich their education with a variety of practical skills, including entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and environmental stewardship while introducing students to careers in industries they may never have considered.

This year, GHA created a GreenKit Program, whereby a box of environmental materials were delivered to classrooms or straight to students homes which engaged youth in hands-on activities, case studies and research. Given the challenges associated with teaching amidst a pandemic, GreenKits have been a valuable resource for engaging youth.

Convertus’ sponsorship supplied GreenKits for Port Burwell Public School, located forty minutes away from the London Composting Facility. Charlotte Wall, Principal at Port Burwell had the following to say:

“Having the opportunity for students to grow, harvest and enjoy these kits will extend from our classrooms and into the homes where discussions and appreciation for simple greenhouse growth can enhance nutrition in an affordable and easy way, and hopefully encourage this as a regular practice in our homes, where many live in cooperative housing complexes with no land to grow their own garden.

Our combined Kindergarten/Grade 1 class will be enjoying a hands-on way to experience their Science curriculum – specifically to investigate the needs and characteristics of plants. There is no better way to learn than through hands-on, inquiry based learning where the end result demonstrates the value of the content and its direct contribution to our school and home communities. Our hope is that these students will be able to adopt a mindset for taking value in our physical environment and its benefit for affordable, easy and healthy food sourcing.

On behalf of our staff and students at Port Burwell Public School, we are delighted to be the recipients of Greenhouse Academy GreenKits for our students at Port Burwell PS!  Please extend our sincere appreciation to Convertus Group“

For more information on Greenhouse Academy please visit:

Student holding a plant in a mason jar

Photo from Greenhouse Academy of Youth participant with GreenKit. Currently, thousands of youth have submitted orders for GreenKits which Greenhouse Academy is working to fulfill with sponsorships.

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