Convertus Takes Bronze in Workplace Green Up

November 27, 2023

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Convertus Celebrates Third Place Win in Environmental Employee Engagement Competition

In a remarkable display of dedication to sustainability, Convertus won third place in the Workplace Green Up competition organized by Green Economy London. Over the course of four weeks, employees reduced their environmental footprint through various sustainability activities to earn points in key target areas such as waste reduction and diversion, water conservation, environmental stewardship and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction.

Week 1: GHG Emissions Reduction

During the initial week of the competition, employees at Convertus demonstrated their commitment to reducing GHG emissions by adopting various sustainable practices. From turning down thermostats to cleaning digital footprints, adopting a vegan diet, completing maintenance work to reduce emissions, and exploring creative sustainable travel options, the team left no stone unturned in their quest for environmental responsibility.

“Having done this for four years now, I always enjoy witnessing how creative our team gets with active transportation – seeing people get out and be active, it’s my favourite activity” said Ann-Marie Cooper, HR and Communications Advisor.

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Week 2: Environmental Stewardship

In the second week of the competition, the team participated by walking through environmentally significant areas, creating bird habitats and playing a role in shaping London’s Mobility Master Plan.

Week 3: Waste Reduction and Diversion

In week three, employees leveraged their expertise in waste reduction and diversion, championing waste-free lunches, eco-conscious shopping habits, and regular clean-ups to address harmful waste such as cigarette butts. Operations Manager, Chris Jones emphasized the importance of such initiatives on our sites, stating “Our team’s dedication to waste reduction not only benefits the environment, but also highlights how effortlessly sustainability practices can be integrated into our daily operations”.

Waste free lunch production

Week 4: Water Conservation

In the final week, the team took inspiration from the Shoreline Documentary recommended by Green Economy London, furthering their understanding of water conservation. Convertus employees also sent in pictures of their rain barrels at home. Extending beyond individual actions, the rainwater catchment ponds at Convertus that reuse water, is an excellent example of an innovative approach which reduces water consumption within operations.

Rain Barrel water conservation

Looking Forward

As Convertus celebrates its achievement in Workplace Green Up, the company remains committed to reducing its carbon footprint, and setting an example for others in the business community. Every effort, no matter how small, contributes to building a greener more sustainable future.

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