Convertus to Process Organics for Southwold’s New Green Bin Program

May 14, 2024

London Convertus plant

LONDON, ON – Convertus has been awarded a 20-year contract with the Township of Southwold, Ontario. Under this agreement, Canada’s largest and most advanced organic waste processor is set to process all organic waste collected through the municipality’s new green bin program. This includes food and yard waste generated within the urban areas of Ferndale, Lynhurst, and Talbotville.

Starting May 25th, 2024, Convertus London expects to receive approximately 30-35 tonnes of organic waste bi-weekly from Southwold. The partnership is a key component of Southwold’s newly launched Organics Program, an initiative reflecting the community’s commitment to responsible waste management.

Green Bin

“We are thrilled to partner with the Township of Southwold in their pursuit of a more circular and sustainable economy through their new Organics Program,” said Hunter MacPhail, Business Development Manager. “Together, we demonstrate how responsible waste management protects the environment and gives new life to valuable resources, creating a stronger and more vibrant community.”

Using advanced composting technology, Convertus London transforms organic waste into valuable compost for agriculture. This process not only diverts food and yard waste from landfills, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also creates a nutrient-rich product that can be used to enrich local soils. Through this partnership, the Township of Southwold and Convertus aim to close the loop, building a more circular and sustainable economy for future generations.

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