Green Bin Use on the Rise

June 5, 2020

Since the beginning of March and the implementation of stay-at-home orders, Convertus facilities have seen an 8% increase in the amount of organic waste sent to sites.

“We saw a significant spike in tonnages in March and April, and have been able to support our municipal customers in managing their increased inventories,” said Michael Leopold, CEO for Convertus Group.

Not all facilities were impacted the same way. For some incoming organic waste remained relatively the same, while others have seen a much greater increase. Most likely as a result of restaurants being closed, incoming organic waste from commercial customers have decreased overall.

Handling the additional volume of organic waste would not have been possible without the front-line workers at Convertus including, but not limited to front end loaders, general labourers, scale operators and site supervisors. Waste management and recycling workers can often be overlooked when it comes to the vital services they provide.  This is especially evident during crisis situations like a pandemic where they put themselves on the front-line to ensure the safety of others with little recognition.

“Our team is at the heart of our business and an essential piece of maintaining environmental and public health for our communities,” said Leopold. “Our front-line workers are some of the most hardworking individuals I’ve met and have put in additional hours to account for our increases. They care about keeping others safe, while ensuring we don’t forget about our environmental responsibilities.”

Although less visible than other unsung heroes, their work is essential. In addition to pollution avoidance, waste management services such as Convertus are essential for preventing outbreaks of disease and illness due to improper waste disposal.

Their work is valued and we thank them for their dedication and commitment.

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