May 2 – 8 is International Compost Awareness Week

May 4, 2021

2 men composting a field for planting

International Compost Week is the ‘largest and most comprehensive initiative’ in the compost industry. Organisations around the world come together to showcase the importance of composting in mitigating climate change and promoting soil health. Susan Antler, the Executive Director of the Compost Council of Canada said, “At a time when almost ten percent of the world’s population is exposed to severe food insecurity, compost is a natural and, with focus, accessible solution to improve both the quality and security of food for everyone.”

Incidentally, Convertus London has started a corporate community garden this year as an opportunity to promote sustainability, wellness and community spirit. Andrew White, Loader Operator in London has led the initiative, “It was prompted by my need to develop a hobby during the pandemic and my love for gardening and being outside. Hopefully, the team will be swimming in fresh veggies.” So far, the area has been cultivated, tilled and spread with a mix of compost and soil. Once the weather is a little warmer, they will plant seedlings which include chiles, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and flowers. This initiative also fulfills one of the projects associated with Convertus’ environmental stewardship target to achieve Platinum Level recognition through Green Economy London.

Each year, Convertus processes enough organic waste to produce approximately 85,000 tonnes of compost and organic products, which result in significant reductions to greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), healthier soils, water conservation and increased nutritional value of food crops grown. The compost is sold to local farmers and businesses in the agricultural sector to grow corn, beans and wheat, providing a host of positive environmental and economic benefits for Canadians.

As a complement to a curbside organics program or if your municipality does not have a green bin program, you can take advantage of these benefits by composting at home. For more information on how to compost visit The Compost Council of Canada (hyperlink:

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